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     Day of Refreshment

     Coventry Cathedral Sunday



      Day of Refreshment - This event has been postponed. We will keep you updated on
      progress through our newsletters. If you have any questions please speak to Ruth
      tel: 07415 958963 or email covcursillocommunication@gmail.com

      Coventry Cathedral Sunday Services     message from Gavin Holmes-Wilson...

      I have been involved in running the cathedralís Sunday evening service for the last ten years.
      They have decided to allow me to put together a larger scale praise and worship service on
      the second Sunday of each month. This wonít be a Ďcathedralí service but they will host it,
      as in allow the nave to be used at that time for that purpose. And it is open to any and all
      other churches to come and take part. I see this as a first important step towards unifying
      Coventry churches to come together once a month in shared worship, every month. Itís a
      very significant opportunity and I have spread the word to Eleri Parry as a great opportunity for
      Cursillistas to support.

      The first one is on June 10th so can I encourage you to come to the cathedral for 18:00hrs
      start and also invite others to come too? Your support will be much appreciated, thanks  :)